Your Experience with us

At the core, your experience is what really matters to us. We want you to know exactly what to expect from our design process and when, so you can have a smooth and memorable experience.


Showroom Visit

To begin, we invite all our clients to the showroom. Here you’ll discover our range of German, Italian and British kitchens on display . You’ll get an immediate comprehension of our quality and design standards.


Initial Discussion

In the studio, Tony will sit down with you and have an initial design consultation. In this discussion, we take a detailed brief to understand your tastes, preferences and how you intend to use the space.


Design Development

We’ll develop a design and quotation for you based on the detailed brief we’ve taken. We always ensure you get the absolute best value for your money.



The moment you’ve been waiting for! Tony will invite you back into the studio to unveil a concept design to you.

You may fall in love with the design immediately, or you may have tweaks and changes. Amanda will make as many changes as you’d like- we want perfection!


The Go Ahead

Once we’ve developed the design to the point that you’re delighted with it, we wait for your confirmation. This is when we will take the deposit and place the order with our suppliers.



Our craftsmen and fitting team will get to work on your installation. We’re still proudly heavily involved at this stage, seeing your kitchen through until the very end. We aim to take the stress out of it all.

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Our award-winning showroom in Hessle is the perfect place to begin your design journey.

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