Superbly Made in Britain

With an unmistakable traditional style, Caledonia kitchens represent all the best things about British craftsmanship.

Popular Ranges

From £25,000

Caledonia Stoma.
Clean, sophisticated and elegant.

From £20,000

Caledonia Portree.
Truly exquisite kitchens built by hand.

From £19,000

Caledonia Mull.
Crafted only using the very best materials

Why Choose Caledonia?

All Caledonia kitchens are hand-built, painted and tailored to your lifestyle. And just like ourselves, Caledonia Kitchens are proud to be a family-owned company.

Hand Painted

Hand painted with any colour of choice. There are no limitations. Caledonia kitchens offer flexibility and customisation to suit your tastes.

Value for Money

Significantly better value for money than other bespoke British kitchen brands. What you get for the money you pay is excellent value.

Built to Last

These kitchens are designed and built with the finest materials and the best craftsmen. These kitchens will last a lifetime.

Innovative Storage

Caledonia design is clever and so are our kitchen designers. You’ll discover a plethora of innovative storage solutions.

Modern Touch

It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Caledonia kitchens have the styles, finishes and facilities to bring a modern touch.

Truly Bespoke

Every aspect of your kitchen, from the overall look and feel down to the tiniest detail, is individually built to your exact specifications.

Organised Serenity

No longer does organised chaos rule the roost. With Caledonia storage systems everything has a home: pots, pans, knives, spices and even the bin. When every item has a place, cooking becomes enjoyable and fluid.

Limitless Customisability.

With an almost infinite number of colours, finishes, layouts and fittings on offer Caledonia kitchens have truly earned the right to say “bespoke”.

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