Italian Flair since 1964

Stosa leads the way in value-driven Italian kitchens. Embracing the Italian prerogative of creating beautiful things, Stosa combines high-quality materials, a vast array of choices, and a touch of flair.

Popular Ranges

From £17,000

Stosa Aliant
Gorgeous materials take centre stage.

From £20,000

Stosa Metropolis.
Truly a state-of-the-art kitchen.

From £24,000

Stosa Natural
The authenticity of real wood.

Why Choose Stosa?

As with all things Italian, Stosa kitchens are beautiful. However, this is at no compromise in quality. Stosa products are made with the toughest, longest-lasting materials and state-of-the-art designs to suit your lifestyle.

Unlimited Options

With over 1000 different premium finishes, door styles and colours, you can make a stosa kitchen truly unique to you.

Value for Money

Italian kitchens aren’t cheap. But a Stosa kitchen offers excellent value for money. The quality vs cost is unrivalled.

Smart Storage

Cleverly integrated storage such as easy reach for corner cupboards and fold-out serving areas greatly increases accessibility.

Modular Design

A modular system helps configure rationally organised spaces that create a perfect balance between beauty and logic.

Lighting Options

Effect lighting or work light, wonderfully bright or dimmable. Light plays a different role for every person.

Environmentally Responsible

Stosa invests heavily in energy efficiency and waste reduction, as well as selecting wood from responsibly managed forests.

Opening Systems

Stosa kitchens offer 9 different opening systems ranging from complete handleless to integrated handles. Any one of these systems can be complemented with soft-close.

Fenix® Materials

With low light reflectivity, the FENIX surface is extremely opaque, soft touch and anti-fingerprint. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible.

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