Germany’s Number 1 Kitchen Brand.

Nolte set the benchmark for exceptional quality kitchens. There’s a reason they’re the most popular kitchens in Germany.

Popular Ranges

From £15,000

Nolte Manhattan.
Authentic wood and stone finishes for a natural look.

From £14,000

Nolte Soft Lack.
Clear, pure and modern kitchens.

From £19,000

Nolte Portland.
A unique feel that’s second to none.

Why Choose Nolte?

When it comes to German work philosophy, good is never good enough. German-made and family-owned, Nolte’s aim to be the best applies not only to the materials or functionality but the whole concept of a kitchen.

Choice of Materials

With Nolte, you have access to a plethora of materials. Whether wood, glass, metal, ceramic or cement, you’ll find your perfect finish or combination of finishes.

Value for Money

Significantly better value for money than most other kitchen brands. This is one of the key reasons why we chose Nolte. What you get for the money you pay is excellent value.

Superior Quality

Nolte kitchens are designed and built with the finest materials. Each component is built to last, ensuring that your kitchen is just as stunning in years to come.

32% More Storage

Nolte offers various worktop depths. Opting for 75cm over the industry standard 60cm gives you more woking space and 32% more storage space.

Made in Germany

Nolte kitchens are produced at the the Nolte site in Germany. The Germans take the ‘Made in Germany’ quality promise very seriously. Each and every kitchen is perfect.

Environmentally Responsible

As a large successful company, Nolte are aware of the tremendous responsibility they have for sustainability. They take many responsible ecological actions and practices.

Pull Outs

Nolte believe your kitchen should be just as beautiful and functional on the inside too. All Nolte fully-extending pull-outs run quietly and smoothly, are available in many finishes and can support up to 80 kg.

Matte is Back

Find the colour combination that suits you and your kitchen: with 18 colours and lots of colour pairs, the matte lacquer concept can now be used with four front ranges and thus any style direction.

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